Dancing Elk Alpacas

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About Kim & Mike

Kim and Mike Quesenberry founded Dancing Elk Alpacas after a conversation over supper with some good friends. As empty nesters, they were excited about taking an opportunity to make a big lifestyle change. They had grown up with cattle and swine, and their kids were always in 4-H, so they had basic knowledge of raising livestock and were passionate about alpacas.

While researching the business, Kim and Mike visited some amazing alpaca farms, made many close friends, and gained some valuable mentors. Most of all, they saw true passion, exuberance, and sincerity in these alpaca farmers, and they knew they had found a community where they belonged. Today, their network of friends and mentors stretches from coast to coast.

Alpaca Portraits

A Passion for Alpacas

Raising alpacas is hard work, but Kim and Mike relish the experience. The daily chores give them the opportunity to establish relationships with all their alpacas and get to know each one's individual behaviors and health status. Even scooping poop provides a sense of relaxation, and the dogs love to ride along on the 4-wheeler when pulling the manure spreader.

The alpacas are beautiful, intelligent animals that know their names and come when called. Kim and Mike love coming home each day to a herd of alpacas that jump and run with excitement at their arrival.

Matt, Emily, and Family Petting Teagan Packing Fibers Young Boy Packing Fibers