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"Variety is the spice
of life..."

- William Cowper

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Spring Brings on Changes

I'm moving forward to unknown challenges after 30 years of nursing in our community. I'll be spending more time with the alpacas as we are fine-tuning our focus more toward blacks and greys. I'm also planning time to unleash the suppressed, creative side of me, too...I'm taking a deep breath and stepping out on the ledge of faith.

In anticipation of these changes coming, a few transitions have taken place. I have had the wonderful opportunity and honor to meet new clients and reconnect with previous clients. Their excitement and sincere motivation to begin or expand in the alpaca business is so heart-warming. After several visits and great conversations, they all left  here with some real sweet gems, and I know my alpacas have graduated on to loving home where they will continue to be well cared for and loved. Above all, its so nice having these new or ongoing friendships.

- Kim Quesenberry